Citizen Buy InEdit

A movement of citizen journalists is now a part of our civic and political landscape. Citizens interact more and more with members of the mainstream press. Citizen-centric institutions interact with mainstream media outlets as well.

With the, friends, running mates, citizen candidates, and even the opposition can create a more robust dialogue among citizens and the "professional" news producers.

Power is shifting and being more fragmented. The "lecture" format and "top-down" communication styles from the news outlets is not the only way these days.


Dan Gillmor, former reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, has written a book on this subject and maintains a blog with a clever name and concept, We the Media.


The Mark Rauterkus & Running Mates Blog and the Platform for Pittsburgh are places, to lead and discuss the citizen journalist movement. We allow many to share their views.

If you'd like to engage in citizen journalism, the no-cost blogging service called Blogger, owned by Google, is easy and effecient. But better yet, use our blog and leave comments. Furthermore, ask and become a running mate.

Candidate Buy InEdit

Beyond Mark Rauterkus, candidate for State Senate, others have engaged in efforts here and in the blog space. A candidate for mayor in the Dem Primary, a candidate for City Council, and a candidate for school board have been interacting with us in meaningful ways. Others who are running for bench positions have also interacted and "invested" in remote ways.

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