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From Daniel Repovz, Media Coordinator,, 412-904-2976

Thursday, January 19, 2006Edit

Mark Rauterkus, candidate for Pittsburgh's City Council, district 3, special election slated for March 14, 2006, released a four point plan on Campaign Finance Reform to those in attendance at the Pittsburgh Economic Club's meeting. The 2006 Economic Forecast Luncheon was attended by Mark Rauterkus, a new member of the Club.

The Rauterkus campaign stresses freedom, future, fitness and flow to benefit our entire region. Rauterkus said, “We need simple, free-market plans as we think again about how we conduct ourselves in local political races. I'd love to work with financial power-brokers to advance two new solutions that will cost nothing for the city, yet make serious impacts on our political lives.”

"Public finances with public campaign funds need to be public, revealed in modern ways with real-time postings of bank transactions on the internet. Furthermore, those who break the rules need to wear a scarlet letter and be prohibited from doing any business with the city," said Rauterkus.

1. Local banks should establish a new type of transparent account for PACs (Political Action Committees). These accounts are much like TRUST FUNDS in that others can witness the inflow and outflow of the funds on the internet. However, in this case, the trustees are the public.

2. Mark Rauterkus would be happy to move the bank accounts for his political action committees ( & into a TRANSPARENT PAC Account as a model and leading trend setter among local and national politicians.

3. The campaign reform task force, organized at the end of 2004 and the start of 2005 by Councilman William Peduto, should have its report put out of committee. A new public hearing needs to be called on this topic. Rauterkus opposed the new legislation put forth in 2004 and called a public hearing then. Later, Rauterkus was put onto the committee with others from the community. The work product of that committee has never been released. Now is the time for Bill Peduto to again champion this cause.

4. In terms of enforcement, those who break any city-established rules, yet to be determined by pending city-legislation on campaign finance reform, should not be eligible for any city contracts for the duration of the tenure for the politician who benefited. The no-contract “scarlet letter” should remain in effect while that individual remains in public office.

This release was delivered to everyone at an Economic Club of Pittsburgh forecasting meeting:Edit

If you work at a bank or financial institution and are interested in learning more about these concepts, please call or email, Mark Rauterkus, 412 298 3432,
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