• Suspended October 21, 2006 from the job with the city of Pittsburgh.


  • Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said he did not ask Dennis Regan to resign and said there was "no conclusive evidence" he had done anything wrong. From December, 2006, [1]




Councilman William Peduto has already questioned whether Ravenstahl's choice, Dennis Regan, has the background or experience to become public safety director.
"I believe it's incumbent on the mayor today to withdraw the nomination," said Peduto. "It should not go forward. We don't need legal interpretation.'"
  • New chief of staff says he's a protector - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Dennis Regan likes to compare himself to a low-swimming whale. He comes up for air only when absolutely necessary so he doesn't get harpooned.


Trib Column from Eric Heyl in October, 2006Edit

Dennis Regan -- Old role: Tough-as-nails mayoral enforcer you better think twice about crossing.

New role: Apparently none in a Luke Ravenstahl administration.

Still, long after midnight, on nights when the moon is full, some security guards swear a seemingly transparent Regan walks the lonely halls of the City-County Building, jiggling the locked doorknob of his former office before he mysteriously vanishes.

Probably just a trick of the light.


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