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  • R, was on Allegheny County Council and retired when she should have.
  • Running for state office in 2006. Is in a strong position to win the General election having broken all fundraising records for a women challenger by raising over $100,000 to date.
  • Run, Baby, Run


P-G Endorsement For PA HouseEdit


  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Hard Work
  • Experience
  • Determination

Eileen Watt will work for:Edit



  • My time on Allegheny County Council has made it clear that many of our most pressing problems must be addressed in Harrisburg.
  • We have a state government that is in desperate need of reform, where too many of our state politicians worry more about political careers than their constituents.
  • My number one desire remains: to serve the people of my region.
  • We must push for reform, we must work to lower taxes and to create an atmosphere which encourages the creation of new jobs in western Pennsylvania. I believe I can more effectively work to solve these problems by changing our local representation and fighting to make a difference as a new voice for reform in Harrisburg.
  • Prior to serving on the County Council and as a member of the County Council, I have been a champion of government reform. I pushed for row office reform to replaced outdated County row offices with professional appointed staff members. I pushed for equal representation on the state’s oversight board reviewing Pittsburgh’s troubled finances, to ensure everyone’s voice was heard and I worked to encourage the community college system to expand its outreach so students can be better trained for area jobs.
  • I helped pass a balanced budget for each year I was a member of the County Council and I have sought to limit spending on projects that have shown to be unsuccessful in the past.
  • I have worked for new jobs and economic growth and helped push for the creation of a development in the Allegheny Valley that would add hundreds of jobs and allow for the lowering of property taxes.
  • I urged the County Council to take a position that any gambling monies from the region be used only for property tax relief and not new spending, because we must work together to lower property taxes.
  • These are issues I have championed on the County Council and they are some of the same issues we must tackle in Harrisburg.
  • As your next State Representative I will return our state government back to the people and I will champion new jobs, economic growth and needs of our citizens.


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