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Anyone can edit this wiki concerning life and politics in Pennsylvania, USA.

Neighborhoods, schools, boards, municipalities, regions and state-wide matters) can be addressed.
Candidates, citizens, community activists, bloggers, parents, journalists can help.

The political theme here stresses solutions and timeless content. Candidate issue statements, platform planks, editorials, letters to editors, and all sorts of suggestions for community and our shared political landscape are expected. insists upon a Netural Point of View. However Fix PA should include All Points of View, each to its own page. The linking of people, places, ideas and issues among categories is critical to sustaining the discussions and value.


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Fix PA = Fix it.


Wiki's Roots and Wings

This wiki, Fix PA, began in May 2008. More than 3,000 articles migrated from Platform.For-Pgh. Today, Fix PA has 4,191 articles.

Presently Everyone anywhere is welcome at Fix PA.

The Platform.For-Pgh wiki and its 3,456 pages is being ported to Fix PA with a more focused framework. Many Pittsburgh issues are really regional and state-wide. The Fix PA mission offers a better fit.

This wiki is starting slowly as the founder's attention is for efforts concerning the Olympics in Beijing.

Our Future of Fixing

This Fix PA wiki aims to become a best-practices template for other states. FixOH, FixNJ, FixNY, FixWV could be established. Various wikis, tied together with FixUSA could help tie together many political issues and people of various locations.

Fixes of PA's Past

A statement from a Pennsylvania politician resonated on different dimensions. The third term mayor of Pittsburgh, Tom Murphy, D, a former member of the PA House, said, "The fix is in." He was speaking about the expansion of state-sanctioned gambling and Pittsburgh's pending slots parlor. This wiki is a new way to Fix PA and counter the old, Fix is in PA.

Political corruption breaks against the people of Pennsylvania. Their crooked ways are coupled with closed meetings among VIPs. Fix PA hopes to fight this done deal mentality and "fix is in legacy" plus its resulting apathy and ignorance.

Community Fixings

Plenty of options exist for fixing. See Fixing Community Resources for pointers to other sites. And, add your own to this list of resources.

Helping out

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