Robert Dickey, President, KQV Newsradio
Broadcast: June 2, 3, 4, 2006

The Slots Gambling Mess in Pennsylvania!Edit

Two recent events have placed the issue of legalized gambling in Pennsylvania and the issuance of a slots license in Pittsburgh in an even dimmer light!

First of all, the arrest of another Gaming Board worker raises major issues over the hiring practices of the group responsible for overseeing gambling operations in Pennsylvania. This latest arrest is the fifth control board worker to run afoul of the law in the past 18 months.

Remember, these are employees of the State Gaming Control Board which is empowered to oversee gambling in the state! Does this remind you of putting the proverbial fox in charge of the henhouse?

We agree with State Senator Jane Orie's office which asks... "Where they're getting these people!"

Meanwhile, with the Friday deadline for public comment on the slots license in Pittsburgh, the three remaining slots license applicants have been waging public relations campaigns to win over support for their plans from the public ...and they're leaving no stone unturned! They've been circulating petitions and making mass mailings to engender public support.

Over the past months, if you have been listening to supporters of legalized gambling, you would believe that everyone in the state and in Pittsburgh is wildly in favor of gambling. The pro-gambling hucksters have tried to convince us that the money raised through gambling will solve all of our problems!

Now, it should be pointed out that virtually every economist and financial expert will tell you that assuming that legalized gambling is a solid basin for economic growth is foolhardy.

In our opinion, there is no sound economic or social reason for us citizens of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania to be rushed and bulldozed into jumping on this legalized gambling bandwagon.

To this end, here is our KQV challenge. Let's put the issue of legalized gambling on a ballot referendum. Let's find out what the voters would say about it.

We believe that the more people in Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh are exposed to the corruption of legalized gambling, the more disenchanted they become!

After all - Pennsylvania voters made their voices heard in the recent legislative elections - so now let them be heard, yea or nay, on this slots gambling proposition!

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