Background[edit | edit source]

  • Attorney in Pittsbugh
  • Might be seeking a seat on the bench, as a judge candidate in the future, so is the speculation in 2008. Hugh McGough covets a judgeship, so posted a blog participant.

Insights[edit | edit source]

Hugh McGough has been a labor lawyer, so we hear, for most of his career.

Hugh McGough was employed, until August 15, 2007, at the Pittsburgh solicitor's office. The Law Department office presented dubious opinions and conduct underlie much of the episode with Lamar Advertising in early 2008.

Blogs[edit | edit source]

...Anyone who finds Hugh McGough's selection -- for a case (with Lamar Advertising) already saturated with political overtones, with nary an employment law issue in sight -- "not strange at all" either (1) doesn't know what he is talking about or (2) possesses bombshell information not currently available to the public. I await enlightenment on which curtain conceals the winner. Note: I like Hugh McGough. I believe I have voted for him. That he was not a natural fit for this assignment (or even close to it) is no criticism of him.

BLOG Pittsburgh Comet May 12, 2008 Posted "Attorney McGough did the taxpayers of Pittsburgh a considerable service in defending their rights to due process, thereby avoiding the establishment of onerous precedents that might appy to any neighborhood and on many issues."

Editorial: In the Public Interest, The Pittsburgh Comet

Bram Reichman May 12, 2008

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