• American Boxer and one of the best known person in the world.
  • has Parkinson's Disease


Ali enters the fray in Michigan Governor's Race in 2006Edit

Ali packed a big punch in the ring and was as renowned for his soundbites as his boxing. Muhammad Ali would be useful in any fight. And the heavyweight legend entered the political arena of the mid-term elections behind the Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm.

She is seeking to overturn the state's ban on stem cell research which many believe could help to find a cure for Parkinson's Disease which the former boxer is suffering from. Ali and his wife Lonnie have issued a statement saying the state's laws are too restrictive, that the governor has been hindered in her efforts to attract stem cell researchers and businesses.

Her team point out that her republican opponent Dick DeVos opposes embryonic stem cell research. Though he supports testing on adult stem cells.

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