Jim Lee of Susquehanna PollingEdit

  • Has been on PCN.
  • [1] Released 18 page PDF from April 2006 on values in PA.

Roy Wells of Triad Strategies [2]Edit

  • Has ben on PCN.
  • Employed as a lobbyist for the Harrisburg School District--and gets good change for doing so.

Both Lee and Wells downplayed the polling data giving 16% or 18% vote for Russ Diamond from a Rasmussen poll. These men claim their survey results show 6% for Diamond.

Rausmussen Poll [3]Edit

  • Gave 16-percent to Russ Diamond in April 2006.
  • Only poll to predict the Bush victories in 2000 and 2004.
  • Numbers are pretty accurate.


  • Watch the track record of polling agencies, and who they represent as lobbyists to the PA


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