Also known as STAHR


  • Working in Pittsburgh for PA Healthcare Reform and a single payer option in March 2007



  1. to educate our communities about the nature and implications of proposals to establish universal health care and
  2. to advocate for policies that improve access to equitable, comprehensive, high-quality, affordable health care for residents of Pennsylvania and, moreover, the entire United States. We view single-payer policies, in particular, as the most equitable, effective, and sustainable way to achieve this goal.


We host speakers and debates on healthcare reform strategies and engage in advocacy campaigns, such as writing letters to and lobbying our state and federal representatives. A key strength of our group is that we are an interdisciplinary alliance of students from across the health sciences and related fields: medicine, public health, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, social work, rehabilitation sciences, public and international affairs, public policy and management, arts & sciences, and law. We would welcome more perspectives.

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