Push for Transit

Push For Transit

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PA's search for a dedicated funding source for mass transit.Edit

In January, 2005, the transit funding issue had not been settled. A special session of the legislature was called for in 2004, but didn't happen.

For many years, the doomsday budget from PAT has been looming. Stop-gap funding has been an annual ritual.

Don't raise the deed transfer tax.Edit

To increase the reality transfer tax by .5, a shift that would put Pittsburgh's deed transfer tax at 4.5 percent, is wrongheaded. Lifting the deed transfer tax make matters worse and is in the wrong direction.

The deed transfer tax has little or no connection to transit funding.

We need to lower, if not elmininate the deed transfer tax.

History Edit

Years ago, General Motors and others in the auto industry worked against making a gasoline tax connected to mass transit. Rather, the gas tax was to be for the expansion of the autos and the building of roads, bridges and highways.

Some states might have a constitutional objection, inserted by the power brokers in the auto-industry, to prohibit gasoline taxes to be used for mass transit.

The state sales tax does not apply to the sale of gasoline.

Plank Edit

  • Explore the option of applying sales tax onto gasoline.
  • Establish a dedicated funding source and connection of purpose for the funding of mass transit. The deed-transfer tax has little or no assocation to mass transit.
  • Explore and consider change in policy so as to begin a sales tax on gasoline. The states sales tax from gasoline could pay for mass transit.

Insights Edit

Rumor: Most of the deed-transfer tax incomes to the state come from areas where mass transit subidies are in such high demand and hype.

Serious Transit workers right to strike.Edit

Some suggest that workers in transit unions should not have a right to strike. ??



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